Want something better than Notepad to plan your next trip?
TripFlint gives you the power to plan that perfect trip
Avoid costly mistakes

Make sure all the parts fit together before you book that non-refundable flight.

Stay within your budget

Quickly try out different itineraries for cost and feasibility.

Spread out your planning

Add to your itinerary when you have time and easily keep track of what needs to be booked.

Timeline & Map

Easily move items around or change their length.

Link locations on the map to items on the timeline.

Keep track of what needs to be booked.


Find out how to get from your home to your hotel with the multi-modal door-to-door transport planner.

Book flights via Skyscanner.


Find a hotel near where the bus drops you off.

Get an overview of where the more expensive and cheaper hotels are. Book a hotel via booking.com.

Print & Share

Print out your itinerary before you travel.

Email your itinerary to those at home, just in case.